Business partner matchmaking

Usually, our partner search service includes the following main elements:. At the end of a partner search project our clients receive a final partner search report that summarises our work performed during the project and responses received during communications with potential local partners, provides a short market insight and lists company profiles of the most suitable partners interested in co-operation. The cost of this service depends on the level of detail requested by a client for profiling potential partners and particular service elements included in the project.

When you want to enter the European market, you will need to locate a number of markets willing to co-operate with your business. You may need a supplier, distributor, operating partner, and of course customers. Export Market Research can help with your business partner search in CEE by conducting a full market scan of available partners and building a detailed report that evaluates the best potential business partners or customer markets.


We never use a standard formula when business matchmaking in Europe. We understand that each company is unique and has its own needs and business goals. Our team of market research consultants will meet with you to discuss your objectives and goals before beginning any work on your project. We also take into consideration your budget for the market research and tailor our services to meet your budget.

Business Partner Matchmaking

When looking for business collaborations in Europe, our team understands that your final business goals determine how we conduct our market research and which business contacts we make. Whilst our services are based on your needs and budget, we do have a list of services that we offer our clients.

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As a mentor to aspiring business owners, I often get asked to find that partner for them, since founders are usually too busy with their solution. I always laugh, and ask them if they want me to find a spouse for them as well, since the right partner requires many of same attributes of chemistry, values, and passion.

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Thus I always recommend a common series of steps that I have seen working for other entrepreneurs:. Take a hard look at your own business strengths and weaknesses, and write down what partner skills and experiences would best complement yours.

9 Best Websites to Find a Co-founder for your Startup in – Pressfarm

Your best friend, spouse or a family member is the least likely candidate, so don't start there. Seek input from seasoned investors and peers.

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In fact, your ideal partner may also be an investor. Many of the same venues, such as industry conferences and entrepreneur forums are useful for both.

Find Business Partners with Ambit Energy

Online, it pays to join entrepreneur and investor groups on social media, and build relationships with people meeting your criteria. Co-founders are business partners for startups, so don't be afraid to join and explore sites such as FoundersNation, StartupWeekend , and CoFoundersLab. Also start a discussion on the wealth of business blogs frequented by entrepreneurs, where you can make your interests known. University professors and student leaders always know a selection of top entrepreneurs, alums or staff members who are just waiting to find the perfect match for their own interests, skills and ideas to change the world.

In today's global economy, your ideal partner may be half way around the world, from a different geography and business culture. Every startup infrastructure is flush with smart people from all cultures, many of whom may be ready and able to bring new energy and creativity to your startup. If you were impressed with someone's drive and capabilities in a prior work role, now is the time to connect again to check their interest and availability, or recommendations they may offer.

Use caution to avoid employer conflicts of interest and non-compete clauses. Finding a high-tech co-founder in the middle of Kansas may be a long search. There's a reason that Silicon Valley and Boston are hubs for high-tech startups. These areas may have not just your co-founder, but also the robust ecosystem your startup needs for investors, programmers and customers.

  • 9 Best Websites to Find a Co-founder for your Startup in 12222.
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