Rocket league matchmaking is bad

My teammates fuss at each other and sabotage me in the process causing us to lose? Going to complete an aerial pass from another teammate only for the third teammate to fly from backfield at to smash it against the wall and back towards our open net? Because nothing symbolizes a game with rocket cars more than being paranoid about your fellow teammates to the point that you circle your goal waiting for them to follow each other's tail pipes and inevitably send the ball towards the fledgling I have become.

In fact, disregard my topic title. This topic is now about all the situations that has ever happened in a Rocket League game and why I'm at fault for them.

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You can ignore me and all of your problems if you want, but the point is this: You draw from the same pool of teammates as everyone else, and Psyonix does not only hate you and single you out and punish you with bad teammates for no reason at all. Perhaps consider that you are ignoring the faults in your own playstyle, and possibly that how you play isn't conducive to your teammates playing well. I guarantee you get bad teammates no more as often as everyone else who plays the game, yet people seem to rank up just fine.

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Perhaps you have no awareness when playing, leading you to go for balls that your teammates are in position to hit, EVEN IF you are in position to hit them as well. Or, put me and everyone else who talks sense on ignore and continue to live in this fantasy world where Psyonix and Rocket League hates you and nobody else besides you. Yeah it's obvious you just ramble for the sake of rambling.

Is Rocket League still welcoming to new and casual players?

You don't even read what I say, you just throw down a mountain of diatribe and verbally assault anyone who dares to have any negative experiences with this game. What the hell is your problem dude?

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Just leave me the heck alone, I shouldn't have to be concerned with a douche scrolling for topics I make and posting essays about how I fail so hard because I don't like my teammates. You haven't seen one of my matches. Who the hell are you to judge my skill level, my playstyle, or my validity without that?

Find more information here. Rocket League's proper cross-platform parties delayed to Rocket League's ninth season brings some fun extra modes to competitive play today.

Priceless Play - 19 January. What are we all playing this weekend? Dirty Bomb's free design document is full of FPS engineering insight. Jump to comments Please enable Javascript to view comments. Rocket League The new football season Rocket League Motorsports Rocket League's proper cross-platform parties delayed to 2.

Is Rocket League still welcoming to new and casual players? | Rock Paper Shotgun

Rocket League's ninth season brings some fun extra modes to competitive play today 2. Watch more on YouTube Subscribe to our channel. Latest articles Priceless Play - 19 January A collection of nearly-missed gems. Dirty Bomb's free design document is full of FPS engineering insight 9. Friends can be trolls as well, but they are more likely to contribute to the team aspect than random strangers. Thumbs up to the ones who do want to make the best of it, try to be a good team player and show good sportsmanship. Kind of an addition to the previous point. Alright, those were my reasons why Rocket League sucks.

Do you partly agree or are you against? Let me know in the comments! I have to disagree with you on this, Rocket League as a whole is arguably one of the best games the PS4, or PC for that matter, has seen in a long time. I have been playing RL since the very beginning and I have not experienced any type of connectivity issues such as the ones you stated except when PSN or the RL severs go down. There are however some games where I lag more than others, but usually the next game I am back to normal.

As far as your opinion on Bad Teammates, you are correct and I have written an article on that very topic myself. The Unlucky Situations you speak of are 1 a part of the game and 2 a cause of bad positioning on the field. You can cut down these unlucky situations by having good field awareness and rotating correctly but there will always be times where counters will happen. It is a game of skill and should be seen as such.

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Just practice and I am sure you will enjoy it. Like Liked by 1 person. Thank you for you comment, which is very detailed!